My name is Bella Rasmussen, and I am the owner of Utah Electrology. Aside from being a devoted mother and wife, electrolysis is my life! I've known since grade school that electrolysis was in my future in some way, shape, or form. Like the majority of the human race, I struggled severely with unwanted, stubborn hair growth throughout much of my young adult years. It wasn't until 2018 that I was finally blessed with the opportunity to start my path to a career in Electrology. My family and I moved to Utah in the summer of 2018 from a beautiful small town located on the southern Oregon Coast. Goodbye ocean view, hello mountainous terrain. I was lucky enough to attend the best Electrology school in the nation. People come from all across the United States to attend the Electrolysis course at Cameo College of Essential Beauty. I graduated the course in March of 2019 at the top of my class. I graduated with the highest recommendations from the school, which allowed me to land my job at Utah Electrology. The owner at the time, Megan Garrett, welcomed me in with open arms. I knew this facility was the place for me. After over a year of hard work and constantly improving my technique and skillset, Megan approached me with the deal of a lifetime! She told me that she recognized my drive, and skillset. Next, as you can guess, the dream of owning and operating my own facility became a reality! Electrolysis is not my job. It is my passion. Assisting others to feel better about themselves, whether it be for medical,or cosmetic reasons, has been my most rewarding venture yet. I am detail oriented, and I understand the value of time and progress. This is also exactly what I look for when hiring new technicians. Every day we are committed to offering the best quality of service, at the most competitive price. When you enter our facility, you will become apart of our family.  Let's rid you of all your unwanted hair!

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