My name is Megan Garrett, and I am the owner of Utah Electrology. As a teenager, I had a lot of unwanted hair. Thankfully my mother introduced me to electrolysis. I was able to feel confident again knowing that my black, coarse, chin hair was no longer visible to my friends and peers. In high school, feeling good and confident as a constant performer was very important to me. Since that time, I have come to appreciate and love the work of electrology. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science in 2011 from Utah Valley University. Wanting to spend more time with my family, a career change was needed. I chose to attend Cameo College of Essential Beauty and pursue a career in Electrology. I graduated from Cameo's electrology program in May of 2014. The hundreds of hours training with Cameo College now allow me now to help others. I am a detail oriented person, who wants others to feel good and be hair free. I can now take that into my electrology practice. Being able to enter the world of being an electrologist has been one of my most rewarding ventures.

Megan Garrett

Owner / Electrologist


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