I wanted to touch base on a very important misconception when it comes to electrolysis and hair removal, that women are the only ones who want it. Many women choose electrolysis because of unwanted facial hair, this same thing applies to most of my male electrolysis clients. The biggest difference in electrolysis treatments for men vs women, is the thickness of the hair being treated. The most common complaint for men with thick facial hair (as well as hair on their necks), is the discomfort of ingrown hairs and the sensitivity to shaving their neck. Many man will turn to electrolysis to save their skin from irritation and discomfort, as well as the perk of not needing to shave that hair. As with any electrolysis treatments, once the hair follicle has been destroyed, the client will never have to deal with that unwanted hair every again. Now is the time to get started to being hair and discomfort free! If your husband, or significant other has been putting off dealing with those unwanted hairs, tell them that electrolysis is perfect for them.

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